Maklumat Kekosongan - Tempah Sekarang

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Thank you for staying with us! As our valued guest, we are committed to assuring a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
Ø  Check in time     :               02.00 pm
Ø  Check out time :               12.00 noon
ü  Extension of check out time subject to availability. Please contact the Owner.
Ø  The Aman Homestay open daily from 08.00 am to 08.00 pm
Ø  Kindly contact and inform Owner for :
ü  Free use of Kitchen Facilities (Specified for Muslim use available).
ü  Free use of Barbecue Pit (Specified for Muslim use available).
ü  Free use of Multimedia Electronic Facilities.
ü  Free use of Laundry Iron.
ü  Extra bed/mattress/comforter set.
ü  ETC.
Ø  Our services for all types of functions. For more information, owner will more than happy to assist you. Please contact owner personally. Owner Contact Details : Hidayat at +6012-338 6464 or Rozana at +6012-912 0440.
Ø  Foods are not provided in Aman Homestay. For caterer services, in Feldajaya Trolak please enquire at the Owner.
To ensure a pleasant and enjoyable stay, guests are requested to strictly observe the following rules;
v  STRICTLY PROHIBATED alcohol, pig meet (Muslim sensitivity must be alert).
v  Pet are not allowed in the Aman Homestay.
v  Children must be supervises at all time.
v  Do not leave personal belongings unattended. Aman  homestay will not be held responsible for lose cash or valueables left in the room or vehicles.
v  Please keep voice down after 10.00pm till 07.00am. Let yours and other neighbour enjoy a peaceful and quiet night rest at the homestay. 
v  Please conserve water and electricity. Your concerns on our environment in highly appreciate.
v    The aman homestay is furnished with our standard supply of fittings and are inventoried upon check out. Any missing, lost, damage and broken item will be charged to your account.

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